Monday, October 1, 2012

To Man, From Woman

inspired by my husband and my brother Kevin...

Beloved Man,

You were named Adam by God, the Creator of all, because He made you from the soil of the earth. You were formed like clay by the Potter; an earthen vessel that God breathed into and gave life. You are different than all other creation. You are intimate with God, given authority over all other creation, not to have power over it, but to care for it, cultivate it, and therefore glorify your Creator. Man, flesh from which I came, I was made for you. I was taken from your rib: from a place close to your heart to be loved, and under your arm to be protected. You knew I was for you the moment you laid eyes on me. I was made to be your helper, your humble servant, to pray for you, to encourage you, to honor you and to love and adore you with everything I am. I was made to be your sanctuary of comfort and inspiration. You lead nations for the glory of God, you are a fisher of men, you are my provider. I am your prayer warrior, constantly lifting you up for favor to the throne of the Father, constantly crying out for more grace and wisdom and strength to be poured upon you as you rise up in the name of Christ. I am your secret garden, only open to you, full of desired spices, fragrances and fruits to please you, that you would delight in me and praise God for our love. We are partners, with our sovereign God, in the creation of new life. I am the garden of your fruit, your heirs, and together, we will raise disciples, we will be a church family, we will serve the Lord in our household, led by you, beloved Man. God has entrusted us, oh Man, to imitate the intimacy of the Holy Trinity. As the Church body submits to the will and leadership of Christ Jesus, so I submit to you Man, my protector in this life. I am tender and vulnerable, and you keep me and defend me from temptation and evil. Man, I desire you as the Bride desires her Bridegroom. Let me honor you by loving you selflessly, and I will gently guide and build you up in holiness, as your love molds onto me, to protect and cherish and lead me. Let us bring glory to God in all we do. Let us love in the name of Jesus.


God thank you for the gift of man. Thank you for the gift of relationship and intimacy. You are so good. You are such a good Provider. You provide all the fellowship and love we need as women. Help us women to be better women of God. Help us honor, build up, and selflessly love our men, our brothers. 

In Jesus' name, Amen.

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Kelley Gilster said...

So beautiful Erin! You are an unbelievably strong woman of God