Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Good for Good

Things have been plummeting upward on this journey. God has dropped amazing people, like the huge water droplets coming down outside. Cameron, Meggan, Maria, Jessie, Allie, Anna, Kallie, Kathleen, Emily P, Angie, Charlie, Taber and countless others who are on the same page as I am. I am so grateful for all of these connections that I've been making with people who I know are going to be on this lifelong journey with me.

This trip in spring is going to cost me probably 800x the amount I have in my account right now. It is really intimidating. I am a 20 year old working as a waitress at a Mexican restaurant that isn't really going to get my the funds to travel across the globe. God has taken the reigns on my creative mind and used my hands, some metal, and hot glue to make some really beautiful pieces of artwork aka jewelry. I'm hoping that my family and friends generosity will put a nice dent in my plane ticket/mission trip fund.

The Knights of Columbus of St. Stephen's (a men's group similar to a Rotary club type thing) is so awesome to help me out with keeping track of donations. They are a non-profit organization and are taking the donations under their name so that anyone who gives can do a tax write off. They're kind of my own personal mission trip bank. Also, the Visiting Orphans organization takes donations under my name as well, so anyone could donate directly into my $3600 Ethiopia/Uganda mission trip fee.

Enough money talk (I just felt like I had to get that out there)...but I guess what I really wanted to get out was that I am so thankful for all of the things God has been flooding me with. The more I pray, the more unexpected things he sends, that turn out so much better than what my "plan" was. Tips from On the Border seem to melt into my gas tank and hungry tummy and sometimes I get so disappointed with it. All this money stuff is kind of stressful, but Cameron was telling me last night that if this is where I'm supposed to be, and what I'm supposed to be doing, God has a way that it's all going to work out. I have no idea what that is- I mean I'm not really expecting a truckload of cash on my driveway or anything, but He has such an artistic way of making things work in this life. Just like my cousin Meggan had said in her blog:

"... when you start letting go of expectations, you realize that it's in the unexpected, the unanticipated, and even the uncomfortable that we begin to catch a glimpse of a bigger, greater story taking shape that we could have ever imagined in our wildest dreams."

So God, you have your plan and your way, and I believe that there is no other way, so take me there. I don't care how unexpected, unanticipated or uncomfortable it might be- I just want that bigger picture. Flood me and use me until I am incapable. Whatever your plan is, that is where I'll be. You are all powerful, and only You can make this work.

I also pray for all of the abandoned, mistreated and orphaned children. Be present in them and protect them. Comfort and warm them with your love and Holy Spirit.