Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Sometimes emptiness is a blessing that forces us to stop looking to others or other things, like an osculating fan, and focus all of our attention, time and effort to God- like a non-osculating fan; just all up, in one direction, turning our hurting selves and complaints into thanksgiving.

He is the only one who fills everything that could be lacking. He is the all-fitting puzzle piece, that no matter what is missing, He can fit and fill that place- and He will fill it with love.

Here's yesterday's devotion...

Sweet sweet Jesus, how I need you. 
I find new ways that I need you…now it is this way-

I rely on your Spirit to do everything,
there isn't one thing that I wouldn't want You in control of.
Your blood is so precious, it sustains the hope in me
that one day, I can be with you beloved.
You are mysterious, your life and how you came to be,
You just are. But how are you?
I need you because I love you,
but I need you because I would die without you.
I am alive because of you.
Your perfect love is the saving grace that allows me to live.
I need you now to fill this hole. 
You fit every hole in my heart Jesus.
I am lonely. I need you as a friend. 
I turn to you as a sister who longs for someone to share her soul with.
I am so blessed to have Cameron as my husband,
but he is only human and cannot fill every need-
but You can Jesus.
Your love fills and overflows and abounds and heals.
Your love is mind blowing.
I miss my friends back home, I miss my family, 
but Jesus, you can fill that right now. 
I will always miss them, but with your love, I can have nothing but joy.
Jesus your life bring the truest joy, perfect, deep, overwhelming joy,
where there is no room for loneliness or sadness.
Your love is the grace I need to trust you completely,
that at this moment or season in my life, you want us here.
Lord I trust that Your will is perfect, and my life is in your hands. 
We both trust you Jesus, we trust in your grace, in your life, in You.
Your love, your pursuing, tight-gripped, unfailing love allows us to trust-
to know that even if our flesh makes us hurt or doubt or anxious,
that Your love will overpower it, conquer it, destroy it, so that all that remains
is your love.
Thank you God for loving us. 
You give us life through love.
I have no idea why you chose to make us, to love us- we are unworthy.
But because of You, Jesus, we are worthy.
Because of Your love, we are heirs, we are children of God.
Because of Your love, we can have eternal life, eternal peace, eternal joy- 
all because of Your perfect, totally self-less, agape, relentless, furious love.

And even with my human-fighting-Spirit-self, I love you too. 

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