Friday, November 12, 2010


Holidays are rollin' around and it makes me realize what a huge change I wen through to get to where I am now. I feel like I have gotten a lot warmer searching for "Erin's path" that He paved for me. Here's a little comparison:

Last Year- School, work at restaurant, old boyfriend...and...I feel like that's about it.
This Year- no school, work at restaurant, internship, new boyfriend, planning mission trip, making jewelry, lots more prayer...etc.

I guess my point is that time has been flying. Even though I look back and think that I definitely wasn't as productive with my life, I still learned everything that is crucial to know for where I am now. I feel like it was almost a year ago when my cousin first threw out the idea of "Hey you should think about going to Africa" (which I thought was awesome, but totally out of the question) and here I am, spot saved on the Visiting Orphan mission trip for Uganda and Ethiopia, oh, and we'll throw in a little Philippines too. God has opened so many doors.

I had dinner with my Uncle, Godfather, Father Pat a while back, when I decided not to move up to Long Beach. I had felt so disappointed in myself for not planning better, or saving better so that I could've moved up there. Uncle Pat pointed out that not only does "everything happen for a reason" but that this was probably a way of God gently closing the door I was about to walk through and opening a different one instead. Since then, I include a request for more doors to be open, and I have had many suddenly unlock, and blow me away with what is on the other side. Doors that have led to the amazing 31 Bits girls, to the group of Sisters in the Philippines that will be hosting me, to new aspects of my relationship with Cameron. I can just picture God up there with every single key you could imagine, unlocking doors for us when we don't even realize we're walking through them.

Sweet Lord, I thank you for all of your keys and doors and for everything I have learned by entering them. Only You know the path we are supposed to be on, and only You can be our map and tour-guide of this earthly life. Please continue to use me as your tool, this is only the beginning. My heart is yours. I pray that you be with my new World Vision kid Ahmed, that my support finds him well. Thank you for another day to grow closer to you. Amen