Thursday, May 5, 2011

Part Two: Destination Africa!!!!!!

Wow, I have so much to say, but so little time ha I still need to pack and I leave tomorrow at 8:30 AM..

Let me start off by saying that God has been working His love all in and around my life, and I am continually blessed by His mercy and grace. I am so full of gratitude for everything that has been happening.

Before I talk about Africa stuff, I've been meaning to share this little story/perspective on prayer/God ha..

He is like this: So He sees us roll over and slam our alarm clock in the morning and thinks to Himself "Alright, so excited for Erin (you) to wake up, I have so much to show her, I'm so excited to love on her today.." We keep snoozing...God thinks, "Alright, I'll just let her sleep a little longer, I know she's tired, but I'm just so stoked to start today with her and let her know how much I love her!!" We hit the snooze yet again and God thinks, "Ah Erin come on! I miss you! Wake up and enjoy this day I've created for you!! There is so much in store for you!" We eventually roll over, realize we are a few minutes late already and rush up to wash our face and brush our teeth. God thinks, "Goodmorning my beautiful child!! I am here for you whenever you are ready!" We eat breakfast, slump about how tired we are and wish that we didn't have to work today. We MAY say a little prayer of thanks for our bowl of cereal and scarf it down. "You are SO welcome Erin!! I have blessed you with this food so that you may choose to go out and fufill my will for you! I will bring you strength and grace for everything you will go through, just listen to me, my sweet child and I will provide!"...etc.

Most of our days totally go like this, and I can imagine God up there, just loving on us every single second, and we only choose to talk to Him, or listen for very little time...just a little something to think about and to encourage prayers :)

On to my next journey...This awesome team I am going with is about 20ish Americans (including a few dairy famers from Wiscaaansin ha) and are all super pumped and ready to serve the Lord. I am so excited for fellowship within missionary work. We will be going to so many places including a Mother Theresa HIV orphanage, a leper colony, Katie Davis' Amazima ministry in Uganda, a boys prison and so many other orphanages. The trip is only 2 weeks so I will be back on the 18th of May.

Your prayers are so greatly appreciated, I am learning how truly powerful it can be. I won't have a phone/computer, but if I get a chance to use the guest house's computer, I'll try to update you all. Otherwise, I will keep a journal religiously so I can post everything after :)

So so sooooo excited. I can't put it into words.

Precious and glorious Father,
I am so humbled to be your servant and so joyful to serve You in this way. Lead me, guide me, protect me and the whole team and prepare our hearts for everything we are to encounter. Send your Holy Spirit as our guide Father, as  You have shown me, the best guide I could ever imagine. 

I love you so much. Bless all those who I meet and open their hearts and minds to be ready for all of Your love.