Thursday, January 19, 2012

Oh hey 2012

Well i must say it has been a long long time since I have been on here. There have been many changes in my life since the last entry- changes of my heart, of my school, of my intention of attending a school, my relationship status (Cameron and I got engaged!) and changes in my relationship with the Lord.

I was recently convicted of writing again, even if no one ever sees it, just a record of the ways God has been moving in and around me. Having it all written and not just in my mind and soul makes it tangible, and sometimes breath taking to look back at what feels like "the beginning" and see all that He has done.

I feel like I owe it to Him to start from post-Ethiopia, pre-Franciscan...

So I was kind of a hermit this summer after Ethiopia, having gotten my world ROCKED and having learning so much then I think I will ever comprehend. Cameron, on the other hand, had had a scholarship for the previous 6 months or so to a school called Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh. The summer would end with a road trip across the country, first to visit my mission team in Wisconsin and Michigan, and then through Ohio to Pennsylvania. A few days before leaving, a guy we call Brother John cam over to talk with my family about Kevin's trip to Madrid. When he heard we were road tripping out to Pittsburgh and that I was undecided about school, he mentioned that Franciscan University of Steubenville was only a half hour away from Cameron's school and that we should just go check it out.

Taking his advice, and after countless memories traveling across the US, we stopped in early August at Franciscan. We wandered around campus and made it to the admissions office, hoping for a packet or folder of info about the school. I just so happened to end up in a meeting with the director of Admissions somehow (...all in the plan right Big Guy?), telling her about my recent travels and experiences. By the end of the meeting she said that the university would love to have me this fall (Fall 2011). She said that if I could get her my transcripts this week that she would admit me and find housing before the semester started in 2 weeks.

Honestly, I was not yet convinced that I would be attending there. I helped move Cameron in and we kept talking how insane it was and how amazing it would be if we both went to school 30 mins apart. I told my dad and he was pumped, and even called Kevin, who was in Europe and just so happened to be praying in front of Lourdes (considered a very holy and sacred place in the Catholic church). It was during the process of me getting accepted and finding housing in Ohio, I have no doubt that Kev's prayers were answered. The timing was so perfect, it became so clear that God had lined up the whole situation.

I flew home to San Diego, made some emails, packed and flew back out to Pittsburgh and moved in to on campus apartments, all within 2 weeks. Crazy...God crazy..

I went to school so fresh, so amazed at the path that I was on, so determined to learn and absorb the knowledge God wanted me to have. I ended up loving every single class last semester. I got to watch Cameron play football, which was amazing, but more importantly evangelize on the team. I've made some relationships with girls who I probably would've never found if God hadn't made me room with them ha. I've learned so much through a younger girl who went through so much struggle and finally ran back into the arms of Christ. I've learned to completely appreciate souther California weather. I appreciate the convenience of living close to family and friends. And more than EVER, I appreciate the gift of having Cameron so close, learning, struggling and adapting together and encouraging each other and being bound closer together by our Creator.

I have so much more to say, but for now, glory to God for getting me here. I am so excited for this next semester and this year!! I don't want it to be comfortable, I want to suffer and have fellowship with Christ and grow deeper into my faith and learn what it truly means to be a wife.

My God and Father in heaven,
Thank you God for the testimony you made and are making out of my life. It is amazing how you write straight with crooked lines. Teach me! I am so hungry for you! You have been so good to me, so full of generosity and blessing. Lord you have showered me with so much love. I pray that my mind would be open to knowledge and wisdom. Lord I have so much to learn and  I am craving it. I crave You. I crave intimacy with You God. I pray that every single day will be a new day and that every day Lord, that You would lead my day and that it would be glorifying to you. Humble me God. Humble me so that I may be in more awe of You. Help me to silence the world and not be distracted. I need you Lord. Thank you for sending your most holy Son to save us from hell. God you are so good and wonderful and all creation gives you praise. Thank you from the depths of my heart for Cameron John, for all of my family and friends. I love you Lord. I give my life to You. Amen. 

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